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White Papers

In recent years, have seen an unprecedented rise in cybercrime.

The research, developed by FortiGuard Labs, shows a nearly 11-fold increase in ransomware in the 12 months between July 2020 and June 2021. It also confirmed an increase in attacks on high-profile targets, including the supply chain attack on SolarWinds and the disruption of Colonial Pipeline and JBS Meats, affecting thousands of organizations and millions of people who have nothing to do with IT.

FortiGuard Labs deepened in the cybercrime world and defined solutions and countermeasures.
  • Using advanced extended detection and response that block critical malware functions, such as contacting a C2 server to download a malicious payload;
  • Integrated Sandboxing technology across the network, including next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), secure email gateways, and cloud-based security solutions whether as a standalone solution or as part of a virtual firewall;
  • Implementing automation and analytics tools designed to recognize attack patterns and techniques, such as behavioral analytics and deceptive network strategies and solutions combined with honeypots;
  • Using any tools designed to detect and interrupt a threat also needs to be augmented with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems that have been trained to spot anomalous behavior and that can sift through and correlate log files and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to detect complex, multifront attacks.

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