Organizations continue to shift workloads to the cloud at a rapid pace to achieve faster time to market, increased responsiveness, and cost reductions. With the majority of organizations expected to have more than half their workloads in the cloud within the next 12-18 months, it is no surprise that cloud security remains a top concern.

Cloud Security Report 2022, done with Fortinet support, is based on a comprehensive global survey of cybersecurity professionals, reveals security challenges and offers fresh insights on the state of cloud and cloud security today.

Consider the insights uncovered in this report:

• Most organizations continue to pursue a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy to integrate multiple services, for scalability, or for business continuity reasons. Seventy-six percent are utilizing two or more cloud providers.

• Cloud users confirm that the cloud is delivering on the promise of flexible capacity and scalability, increased agility, and improved availability and business continuity.

• Security professionals highlight lack of visibility, high cost, lack of control, and lack of security as the biggest unforeseen factors to slow or stop cloud adoption.

• Cloud security continues to be a significant concern for cybersecurity professionals. 

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